Located in the heart of Manchester city centre , Rump N Ribs steakhouse is the only steakhouse to offer HALAL Aberdeen Angus beef.The restaurant dry-ages its meats, The result is perfectly marble-ized, tender beef with a rich depth of flavour.


Under the leadership of Executive Chef Rump n Ribs features a rotating menu that focuses on seasonal, local and organic ingredients and inventive dishes that reflect evolving culinary trends. 

Our Chef's Recommendations

T-Bone 16oz

The Daddy of all Steaks! Best of both worlds, Fillet on one side, Sirloin on the other. A sought after cut; a real man's eat.

only £21.00
Sirloin 10oz

The classic Scottish steak. rimmed with a thin layer of marbled fat, superb in texture, moist and meaty.

only £18.00
Pan Fried Emperor Prawns

The Juiciest Emperor Prawns, lightly seasoned and pan fried in a peri sauce with a tingling hint of lime and lemon.

only £6.50